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If you are on this page, we invited you to download our book for free.  Please help us spread the word. Book reviews on  Amazon or iBooks  are appreciated greatly. Call to setup a phone or Skype interview.

This Ebook was written for smartphones and digital reading tablets.  So choose the epub file but make sure you have the proper “App” on your device to read it.

If you have an iPhone or iPad iBooks is built into the operating system or “brains” of your device and reading our epub version of the book is easy once you download the file.   If you have an Android phone and are confused about your choices, here is a helpful article explaining ebook reader applications.


EPUB Format for iPhones, iPads, Android devices and other e-readers and smartphones. iBooks is now also available on your Mac if you have OS X Mavericks.


PDF Format if you want to read from a computer with Internet access which allows you to listen to music as well.

Visit Amazon to download a free sample of our book in Kindle format. Just click on “try a sample.” You must have a Kindle Fire which can play music to enjoy the book.

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The beauty of e-books is that you can change them for special purposes. Therefore we welcome “bulk-buying” and private labeling opportunities for tourist entities such as hotels, cruise ships, conferences or other businesses. What a fabulous way to increase your brand by including your logo or other information for a specific audience. A great gift for wedding guests or to compliment a golf or eco-tourism vacation.

The e-book will help people deepen their experience of the island and provide memories for a lifetime.  Everytime people remember the music, they’ll think of the time they spent in Jamaica.

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